Package includes 30 mp3 tracks
and a 121 page book notated in PDF format.
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Rockstar Bass Course Grade 4

Welcome to the Rockstar Bass Course!
This brand new course is the most complete available.
Grade Four dramatically expands your grasp of
the instrument with an in depth look at technique as well as
introducing many new styles.

This book includes:
12 exciting songs to learn
Full backing tracks for all pieces
Arpeggio playing in C, G, D, A, E and B
Technique - moveable scales and arpeggios
Sight Reading - keys of C, G, D, A, E and B
Listening - learn to copy melodies and chord progressions by ear
Improvisation - 6 jam tracks to play along with
Creativity and composition - learn to write your own songs

  You can study this course with a teacher or on your own as the
book guides you through the course step by step, making learning easy.
  Designed to be musical, fun, educational and above all achievable.
This course sets a new benchmark for bass tuition.

  So now grab your bass and...









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