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Rockstar Guitar Course

Learn guitar with Rowan J Parker's Rockstar Guitar Course.

Hot Country Licks!

Squeal Piggy! Hot Country and Bluegrass licks.

Virtuoso Chops

The title says it all...

Modal Magic

Some cool Jam Tracks from my forthcoming Modal Magic DVD

Judge Shred Returns!

The Judge is back with an all new series on sweep picking! Prepare to be Judged...

Brandon's Beastly Blues Licks

Brandon shows us some hot blues licks!

Music Theory 101

Easy to understand lessons covering all aspects of music theory.

I Love Legato!

Develop your left hand into a Hulk-like monster with I Love Legato!
Maximum shredding licks using only the left hand. Impress your guitar playing buddies, win friends,
influence people, get a more attractive girlfriend. Yes, all this and more so get down to that woodshed!

Shred Licks In 60 Sceonds

Take 60 seconds out of your life to learn a face melting shred lick!
Really, just one minute! Let's Rock!

Beginning Improvisation

Welcome to Beginning Improvisation, a series of lessons aimed at the novice improviser.

Fusion Essentials

A series of video lessons on developing fusion improvisation.

The 200 Club!

Are you ready for the 200 Club?
Featuring outrageous alternate picking licks played at 200 BPM.
Achieve this and become a member for life!

Latest Lessons

See all my latest lessons, in one handy playlist. Updated every week!

Top Ten

My Top Ten most viewed lessons, full of guitar goodness!

Lick Of The Week

Learn a new lick every week, covering every style
imaginable from jazz to outrageous shred and everything in between!

Lickin' Impossible

These videos cover advanced rock guitar playing, including legato, fast
alternate picking and sweep picking. Video excerpts from Hammer Time,
Pickin’ Impossible and Don’t Fear The Sweeper, all available to buy in the shop.

Extreme Legato

Develop a monster left hand technique with these very cool instructional videos.
Become a legato shredding beast!

Judge Shred

Every week the Judge shreds it up with some of the craziest guitar licks
on the planet. Beamed to you straight from the Mega City! I am the law!

Rock Guitar Fundamentals

Learn the craft of the guitar with these in depth and informative lessons.

The Widdler

Bringing you the best in simple to play but awesome sounding
rock guitar licks. New lick uploaded every week. Somebody stop me!

Jazz Club!

Covering jazz guitar playing and theory in depth
with a new topic discussed every week.

Jam Session Licks

Learn these great licks, taken from Jam Session Volumes 1 and 2.
Available now for instant download in the shop.

Sweep Picking

Learn to sweep pick like a demon! Three challenging lessons taken from
Don’t Fear The Sweeper will push your ability to the limit!
Full video available for instant download in the shop.

Rock Jam Tracks

Jam over these great Rock backing tracks
and create your own killer solos!

Blues Jam Tracks

Improvise over these cool backing tracks
and put all your Blues licks to good use!

Jazz Jam Tracks

Play all your super smooth Jazz licks over these laid back tracks.
Check out the Jazz Club! videos for ideas.

Rowan J Parker's Rockstar Guitar Course

Learn to play guitar with this comprehensive course, taking you from absolute beginner to pro.
Available for instant download in the shop.

The 12 Days Of Shredmas!

A Very Merry Shredmas for 2012! A widdlesome video everyday from Christmas Day till Epiphany!
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