Hammer Time

Package includes 1hr 15 Minute full HD video
with all exercises notated in PDF format.
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Get further into the world of shred with

Lickin' Impossible Pickin’ Impossible!

This second video in the series covers alternate picking technique
in depth, from basic co-ordination exercises to monstrous licks!
You will learn all the secrets the top players use to produce those
outrageous solos.
There are 5 sections. Here is what we have for you.

One String Synchronisation
Get the left and right hands working
together with these warm ups!

Two String Synchronisation
Develop right hand control and learn
some very cool lines!

Get all four fingers working and develop
totally awesome technique!

Patterns And Sequences
A huge collection of ideas, lines and licks
so you can play monster runs in your solos.

Jam Track
Put all the ideas to use over this rockin' backing track!



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