Hammer Time

Package includes 1hr 15 Minute full HD video
with all exercises notated in PDF format.
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Welcome to the world of shred with

Lickin' Impossible Hammer Time!

This first video in the series explores legato playing in depth,
from simple exercises to mind-bending licks and lines.
You will learn all the techniques used by the top rock players to
produce outrageous solos.
There are 5 sections. Here is what we have in store for you.

Left Hand Development
Get your left hand in shape!

Legato Patterns
Learn patterns and sequences that you can use in your soloing.
Learn to play ludicrously fast and become a shred god!

Building Lines
Build lines that move right across the guitar at crazy speeds!

Legato Licks
A collection of legato licks to add to your guitarsenal.
The final monster lick will drop jaws!

Jam Track
Practice all the licks, sequences, patterns and ideas
over a cool backing track!



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